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General Rules for Contest, Events and Promotions

These rules (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) determine the general conditions under which Odopsice, a love and relationship App (referred to as the Organizer), holds promotions and contests under the trademarks “Odospice”.


The Rules apply to all promotions and contests, unless otherwise stated in the Official Event Announcements.


General Terms


The decision to participate in this contest is voluntary and is taken by each Participant at their own discretion.


The Organizer independently determines the conditions for the Event, including:


  • Requirements for the Participants. Unless otherwise specified in the conditions of the Announcement of the Event, registered users of the Odospice may participate in the Event;


  • Actions to be performed by the Participant;


  • Assessment criteria;


  • The dates of the Event (with the possibility of their extension at the initiative of the Organizer);


  • prizes awarded to selected Event Participants.




The terms of the Event may be indicated:


In the Announcement of the Event, posted in the appropriate section of the Site;


  • On the official pages of social networks.


  • Before participating in each Event, the Participant agrees to read the current Rules that can be found at, https://www.odospice.com/index.php/legal/general-rules-for-contest-events-and-promotions


  • In case of disagreement with the terms of the Rules, the Participant agrees not to participate in the Event.


  • The Participant agrees with these Rules and the Announcement of the Event at the time of the first active action specified as a condition for participation in the Event.


  • The Organizer is not responsible for the technical problems of the Participants related to the quality of software, computer devices, Internet connections and others, for technical problems and the availability of the Official Social Networks, the Site or for failures caused by unauthorized interference of third parties.


  • The participant is not entitled to reimbursement of costs associated with taking part in the Event.


General Conditions for Determining the Prize-winners


The determination of the Prize-winners is carried out in accordance with the Announcement of the Event. Moreover, in any case, the prize may be awarded only to these persons who have fulfilled all the conditions for participation in the Event specified in these Rules and the Announcement of the corresponding Event.


The Organizer would use Voting on the Odospice App as the main source of determining the Prize winners. This will be supported by a shortcode,  and likes, comments and shares of photographs of contestants on the odospice instagram and Facebook pages.


In order to determine the Prize-winners, the Organizer may use the following criteria for the assessment of creative works:


  • compliance of the content of creative work with the specified topics;
  • completeness and imagery of the disclosure of the topic;
  • creativity;
  • originality of idea, innovation, creative approach;
  • expressiveness of the applied methods.


The place and time of the announcement of the results have to be reported to the Participants in the Announcement of the Event.


The Organizer publishes the results of the Event on one of the following resources:


  • on the social network;
  • on the corresponding page of the website.


General Conditions for Granting Prizes


Prize-winners would be awarded at the Event organized for that purpose with some other interesting activities such as a panel discussion on love and relationships.



Use of Personal Information


By participating in the Event the Participant agrees to the processing of personal data in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy and cookies


In particular, the Participant agrees:


  • to the publishing of their name in the Event results announcement, including that indicated in their personal account on the Site, in social network accounts;


  • to the transferring of their , first name, last name and contact information (email address, phone number) to partners, if necessary, for the award.


If the Member does not agree to the processing of their personal data for the indicated purposes, they need to specify this request in writing to info@odospice.com.


The email must contain the personal data and a list of reasons for which the Participant does not agree to the processing. In the absence of the right to process the personal data of the Participant, the Organization has the right to unilaterally without any sanctions refuse to fulfill its obligations to issue a prize.


Attention: without the Participant’s consent, the Organizer has no right to process personal data, thus, the Organizer is unable to award said Prize-winner with the prize.


Intellectual Property Rights


By participating in the Event and posting their submission to the Competition, the Participant agrees to transfer to the Organizer the right to use the posts, videos, photos, texts and other forms of content submitted for the Competition by the Participant as part of their participation in the Competition, for an unlimited period and worldwide usage, with the right to grant these rights to third parties, from the moment of submitting the Competition works in the manner provided for by these Rules, without the requirement to pay any remuneration, as well as allowing the use of competitive works for advertising purposes in perpetuity, without further compensation, or the need for any further permission.


Each participant guarantees that they are the author (co-author) of the Competition works and / or their legal copyright holder, and that such materials do not violate the rights of the other Participants or any rights of third parties (including copyright and other rights).


In the event that facts of violation of the rights of third parties are revealed, the participant fully assumes the responsibility associated with such violation, in accordance with applicable law, and in the event that claims of third parties are presented to the Organizer, the Participant will compensate for the damage and losses.


By posting the Competition works, the participant thereby agrees that these will be made public to an unlimited number of persons through publication on the Site and other information platforms owned by the Organizer.


Works submitted for the Contest that were not awarded with a prize will not be returned to the Participants.


Final Provisions


If there is a conflict between the terms of these Rules and the provisions of the Announcement of the Event, the latter will take priority.


The Organizer reserves the right to independently make decisions on all issues related to the Event and resolve disputes at its discretion. The organization is unilaterally entitled to amend the Rules. Such changes shall enter into force on the day a new version of the Rules will be published.


The Organizer has the right to decide not to award the Prize to the Participant if the Participant does not comply with the conditions and restrictions provided in these Rules, as well as in the Announcement of the Event; So the Organizer has the right to remove the Participant from participation in the Event without prior notice in the following cases (the list is not exhaustive):


  • suspicion of using any automated systems to participate in the Event;


  • use of multiple accounts by the same Participant;


  • publication of comments containing insult, provocation, monosyllabic and meaningless phrases, duplicate phrases, spam and advertising, negative representation of the brand and / or products, violation of moral and ethical standards (at the discretion of the Organizer).


For issues related to the Event, the Participant has the right to contact the Support Service at the following email address: info@odospice.com.


The Organizer is not responsible for any delay in performance or partial or full failure to fulfill obligations to the Participants, and / or their parent (s) / legal representative (s) in accordance with these Rules, if this delay or non-performance is a consequence of circumstances beyond the control of the Organizer.


All disputes arising are resolved amicably.