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7 tips for hot sex after marriage


Do you think your sex life has fizzled out after some years of marriage? Knowing each other well for a long time should actually make things even hotter in the bedroom. But if you think that hasn’t happened, these tips can help kindle your sex life.

Share your fantasies: Great sex starts with a great conversation. Talk to your partner about crazy fantasies and your pent-up desires. Your fantasies can make your sex life very adventurous.

Dress up: Look great. Dressing up for your partner can rekindle the passion between the both of you and get you in the mood. Wear an erotic lingerie or a sexy camisole to arouse your partner.

Have a quickie: If you are one of those couples who are too busy and don’t have enough time to have sex, just have a quickie before leaving for office in the morning. It will improve your mood for the rest of your day. You and your partner can then look forward to more in the evening.

Try new sex positions: Just like anything else in life your sex life also needs a change or else it can get incredibly monotonous. Try different sex positions like reverse cowgirl and magic mountain and see how much fun you can have.

Play games: Playing games like strip poker can be fun and incredibly arousing. Play games your partner where you have to remove a piece of clothing every time you lose a point.

Read erotic stories: Reading sex stories can kindle your imagination. Erotic literature will make you feel sexy and give you numerous ideas you can employ in your sex life to make it exciting.


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