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5 Secrets to Attract the Opposite Sex


Can’t seem to find a date? Here are proven ways by experts that make men more attractive to the opposite sex.

It takes more than just good looks to woo a woman, but having the looks of a Greek god doesn’t hurt either. If you have been languishing at bars hoping for a woman to return your seductive glance, there must be something you are doing wrong. With science on your side, thankfully reconstructing your face is not the only option. Here are five ways researchers have proven that will have women going gaga over you.

Attitude matters
A woman can determine what kind of relationship you are looking for from your attitude. If you smile a lot and are a warmer person during a date, women take that as an indicator that you are looking for a long-term relationship. So if you are dating a woman for the long haul, be nice. The contrary is true too.
A study showed women photographs of men who seemed disinterested and distracted during a date. The men who look like they don’t care were picked by those who were looking for a fling. So if you are looking for a great night out with a woman, just be sure to be a little moody.

Smell nice, but just right
Now everyone knows that a woman loves a man who smells good. But studies say that you should not overdo it. The study in question has found that women subconsciously determine whether a man is genetically compatible with her through her sense of smell. So, in order to ensnare a woman who you think is attractive, you should wear a light cologne so that your natural odour can come through. That does not translate into not taking bath before a date.

Get some definition to your jaw

Not everyone is born with a Brad Pitt jaw line. Thank god for facial hair. Researchers have found that women who are in the most fertile phase of their cycle prefer men with chiseled jaw lines. Men with weak chins can use facial hair to give your face more definition.

V for victory

Most men know of the 0.7 waist to hip ratio that is supposed to set men’s toungues wagging. Research has shown that women too have a number on their mind. Studies have shown that the women love Vshaped bodies on men, and the ideal waist-to-hip ratio is between 0.9 to 1. Now, to achieve this in the long run, you need to hit the gym. But if you are too lazy, or work takes up too much of your time, try using your clothes to do the same. The easiest way to make is to fake it. So, don’t buy suits off the shelf, get them tailored to give the impression that you have broader shoulders. To slim your torso, try v-neck tops.

It’s all in the symmetry

Studies say that women don’t really care if a man has facial hair or not, as long as you stick to your look. Like with everything else, this too points a primeval understanding of the opposite sex. A man who is symmetrical looking, is considered to be a healthier mate. Play around with your facial hair, but keep things even. If you are going for a clean shaven look, be sure not to keep patches of hair on your face, or if you have a goatee, shave off the surrounding hair. The point is to balance both the halves of your face. For the more adventurous, try tweezing your eyebrows. It will hurt, but science says it’s worth the pain.

Source: indiatimes.com


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