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I barely check my message requests on Facebook messenger because it’s normally full of men trying to get my attention. The reasonable ones come to say “Hello” or “Hi” and leave it there hoping for a response. The annoying ones say things like “Hello pretty” or “Hey baby” as if that is what would persuade me to give them my attention. And we have the crazy ones who send attachments. Make a mistake and open it and you will find their joystick staring at you in your own inbox. This is why I find it such a chore to even use Facebook messenger.

However, on one particular day, I was super bored so I went through the requests carefully and one stood out. I noticed he had gone through my profile. He copied my favourite quote and sent it to me, and then he asked, “What’s the inspiration behind this quote?” So I accepted his request and we started talking. He was very fun and attentive. Unlike many others I had met on the app, speaking to him didn’t feel like a task. I enjoyed every conversation with him. After close to a week he asked that we meet up after a vacation he was having in Takoradi. I said yes, because why not?

When we met I was quite taken aback. He didn’t look anything like he did in his pictures. I suppose in this day of technological growth, people edit their photos to look like versions of themselves they wish they actually looked. The man in the photos was handsome with toned muscles and seemed tall. The man I met is short, portly, and how do I even put this, not good-looking at all. He catfished me. But I didn’t mind. He was still a great conversationalist and that really mattered to me. So I didn’t say anything about his appearance. I just carried on with the night and it went perfectly. The date was awesome. He made me laugh and I believe I also made him laugh.

A few weeks and a couple of dates later, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I told him, “I really like you, but we just met. We don’t know each other well enough. I want us to take our time so we get it right.” “Yes, you are right. There is no need to rush things,” he said. From then, he did everything possible to woo me. He would come and take me from work to have special lunches. I remember our long drives to the beach. He did little yet significant things that melted my heart. He is a very thoughtful man. He even introduced me to his friends.

One day he called me around noon on a Sunday and said I should get ready for a ride because he had some issues on his mind. I got ready and he came to pick me up. He had this weird look on his face and I kept asking if everything was alright. He told me, “I was once married but I am recently divorced.” I was livid that he didn’t tell me that about himself earlier but I kept my temper in check as I asked, “What happened?” He responded, “My wife cheated on me. I tolerated it and forgave her but she kept doing it. Then I found out that she didn’t love me. She only married me because of my money.” There and then I felt sorry for him. “No one deserves a cheating opportunistic partner,” I thought. He apologized for not telling me about it earlier. He said he didn’t tell me because he didn’t want to upset me.

After he opened up to me, I felt ready to take things to the next level. So I planned to say yes to his proposal that night. We were having dinner at my favourite restaurant, so it was going to be perfect. Before I could make my move he decided to show me a picture he had taken that morning. I watched the photo and mistakenly scrolled left. What I saw made my heart beat irregularly. This man was busily giving another woman a kiss on the cheek. I pretended I didn’t see anything and gave him his phone back.

We continued our dinner uneventfully. I swallowed the answer I was about to give him and ended the night earlier than usual. When I got home I went through his socials looking for clues that he had someone else. It didn’t take long for me to notice a woman with his surname commenting on all his posts. The woman didn’t have any pictures on her page so I searched for her on LinkedIn and voila, she was his Mrs. She was the same woman he was kissing in the photo.

She is a very beautiful lady. Eiii men! You this man with this your face and such a pretty lady has accepted to marry you, and you are out here trying to cheat on her. I didn’t let him know what I found out. I decided to teach him a lesson first.

He called one day and I complained about my rent. Instantly, he sent me the sum of two years’ advance of my rent. When I thanked him he said, “It’s not a problem. After all, it is going to be my second home when you say yes to me. I will spend all my free time there with you.” I was annoyed but I didn’t say anything. Another time I hid my phone and when he picked me up for a date, I said it was missing. Right in front of me he went to an ATM and withdrew GHC3000 for me to get a new one. That was just the beginning.


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Now That I Have A Second Chance At Love, I Am Not Messing It Up




In the enchanting city of Accra, Ghana, a love story unfolded, filled with second chances and newfound hope. Meet Nana, a resilient and introspective individual, who, after going through heartbreak, found a renewed appreciation for love. Determined not to repeat past mistakes, Nana embraced this second chance at love with open arms.

Nana had learned valuable lessons from his previous relationship, realizing that true love required effort, understanding, and a commitment to growth. He recognized that he needed to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth before fully embracing a new love.

During this transformative period, Nana focused on cultivating self-love and self-acceptance. He engaged in activities that brought him joy and nurtured his well-being. Through self-reflection and introspection, he gained clarity about his values, desires, and the kind of partner he aspired to be.

With a renewed sense of purpose, Nana crossed paths with Akua, a vibrant and compassionate soul who shared his vision of a meaningful and authentic relationship. Akua had also experienced her fair share of heartbreak but approached love with an open heart and a willingness to grow alongside Nana.

As their connection deepened, Nana embraced the opportunity to create a healthy and fulfilling relationship with Akua. He recognized that love required open communication, trust, and vulnerability. Together, they embarked on a journey of mutual understanding, committed to building a solid foundation of love and respect.

Nana took the time to truly listen to Akua, acknowledging her needs, dreams, and aspirations. He recognized the importance of emotional support and made it a priority to be her rock, standing by her side through life’s ups and downs.

He made a conscious effort to demonstrate his love through actions, both big and small. From surprise gestures to heartfelt conversations, Nana ensured that Akua felt cherished and valued every step of the way. He learned to appreciate the beauty of compromise, seeking solutions that honoured both their individuality and their shared goals.

In their journey of love, Nana and Akua never shied away from the lessons of the past. They acknowledged their imperfections and celebrated their growth, understanding that mistakes were opportunities for learning and deeper connection. They embraced open and honest communication, resolving conflicts with empathy and understanding.

As their love story unfolded, Nana found solace in the fact that he had learned from his past and was actively applying those lessons to create a beautiful and lasting relationship. He cherished the second chance he had been given and vowed to nurture their love with tenderness, dedication, and authenticity.

And so, dear reader, the story of Nana and Akua teaches us that second chances are gifts to be treasured. It reminds us that the key to not messing up a newfound love lies in personal growth, self-reflection, and a commitment to learning from past experiences. In the enchanting city of Accra, Nana and Akua celebrated their love, knowing that their second chance was a precious opportunity to create a love story that would stand the test of time.

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My Wife Came Home With Another Man’s Pregnancy




In the picturesque town of Tema, Ghana, a love story unfolded with unexpected twists and turns. Meet Kwesi and Esi, a couple whose lives were about to be forever altered. Their relationship had been built on a foundation of trust, but one fateful day, everything changed when Esi came home with another man’s pregnancy.

Kwesi, a devoted and caring husband, was taken aback by the news. Confusion and hurt washed over him as he tried to make sense of the situation. Esi, on the other hand, carried a mix of guilt and fear, aware of the pain she had caused her beloved husband.

In the midst of their tumultuous emotions, Kwesi and Esi knew that they needed to confront the truth head-on. With heavy hearts, they sat down and engaged in an honest and emotional conversation. Esi explained the circumstances that led to the pregnancy, confessing her mistake and expressing remorse for her actions.

Though devastated, Kwesi recognized that their love was built on a solid foundation that could withstand even the most difficult challenges. He understood that forgiveness and understanding were necessary for their relationship to heal and move forward. Despite the pain, he chose to stand by Esi’s side and find a way to navigate the complicated path ahead.

Together, they sought guidance from a counselor who specialized in helping couples overcome infidelity and rebuild trust. They embarked on a journey of introspection, exploring the underlying issues that might have contributed to Esi’s actions. They learned to communicate more openly, addressing their fears, desires, and expectations within the relationship.

Throughout the process, Kwesi and Esi discovered the power of empathy and compassion. Kwesi had the strength to extend forgiveness, recognizing that people make mistakes, and that love has the capacity to heal even the deepest wounds. Esi, in turn, felt a renewed commitment to their relationship, vowing to rebuild the trust she had broken.

As Esi’s pregnancy progressed, Kwesi wrestled with conflicting emotions. While the child was not his biologically, he understood that a life was being created, and he chose to embrace the child as his own. With time, he found solace in the idea of becoming a loving and supportive father figure.

Throughout the pregnancy, Kwesi and Esi leaned on each other for support. They attended counseling sessions together, seeking guidance on how to navigate the challenges that lay ahead as they prepared for the arrival of the child. They engaged in open and honest conversations about co-parenting, setting boundaries, and establishing a harmonious environment for their growing family.

In time, the wounds began to heal, and a newfound sense of trust and understanding blossomed between Kwesi and Esi. Their love story took an unexpected turn, but their commitment to each other and their willingness to confront the difficult truth allowed them to find a way forward.

And so, dear reader, the story of Kwesi and Esi teaches us that love is not immune to challenges or mistakes. It reminds us that forgiveness, understanding, and open communication are vital ingredients in healing and rebuilding a fractured relationship. In the picturesque town of Tema, Kwesi and Esi defied the odds, embracing the complexities of their journey and finding strength in their love to overcome the unexpected and create a future filled with hope and redemption.

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We Were Doing Perfectly Fine Until His Mother Said I Am Not A Wife Material




In a world where love’s journey intertwines with the opinions of others, there lived a couple named Emma and James. Their love was a beautiful symphony of understanding, respect, and shared dreams. They believed that their connection was unbreakable, until an unexpected hurdle threatened to shatter their harmony.

Emma had always adored James for his kindness, intelligence, and unwavering support. Their love flourished, and they embarked on a journey of building a life together. They reveled in the joys of their relationship, cherishing the moments that weaved them closer.

However, a storm brewed on the horizon when James’ mother, Martha, voiced her disapproval of Emma. Martha, influenced by traditional notions of what constitutes a “wife material,” believed that Emma did not possess the qualities deemed necessary for a successful marriage.

Emma, heartbroken and confused, found herself questioning her worth. She had always believed that love transcends societal expectations, that it is nurtured by genuine connection and shared values. Yet, the weight of Martha’s disapproval cast a shadow over their once-bright path.

Determined to confront the issue head-on, Emma and James engaged in an honest conversation. Emma expressed her pain and confusion, laying bare her vulnerability. James, torn between his love for Emma and his loyalty to his mother, found himself at a crossroads.

In the days that followed, Emma and James embarked on a journey of self-reflection and introspection. They sought to understand their own values, dreams, and aspirations. They confronted the societal pressures that had infiltrated their love and questioned whether conforming to others’ expectations was truly the path they wanted to follow.

As Emma and James delved deeper into their souls, they discovered a newfound strength within themselves and their bond. They recognized that love is a force that can challenge conventions and defy expectations. They understood that a strong and lasting marriage is built on the foundation of love, respect, and mutual support, rather than adherence to traditional ideals.

With newfound clarity, Emma and James chose to embrace their love and confront the judgments of others. They set out on a journey to demonstrate the strength of their relationship, proving that their bond was unbreakable, regardless of others’ opinions.

As time passed, Martha witnessed the unwavering love and unwavering commitment between Emma and James. She saw how they supported each other’s dreams, nurtured their emotional well-being, and celebrated each other’s successes. Slowly but surely, Martha’s heart softened, and she began to appreciate the remarkable woman that Emma truly was.

In time, Martha’s reservations melted away, replaced by acceptance and respect for Emma. She realized that love is not confined to societal constructs but thrives in the presence of genuine connection and shared values.

And so, dear reader, the story of Emma and James reminds us that the path to true love is not always smooth, as it may be interrupted by the voices of others. But when two souls are steadfast in their love and commitment, they can overcome societal expectations and pave their own way, proving that the true measure of a life partner lies not in external judgments, but in the depth of their love and the unwavering support they provide.

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